I love Ellen Page, Miley and Mean Girls, but they’re no guilty pleasure

No Apologies:

What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

I could make this a short post and say my guilty pleasure movie is Mean Girls, that I enjoy listening to Miley Cyrus (even before she started twerking with Robin Thicke), or that my celebrity crush is Ellen Page, but I’ve never been embarrassed to admit those things. No, my guilty pleasure a little more complex than that.

This is a little ironic to be writing about in my blog since my persona on WordPress reveals to the reader that I’m an English major who enjoys reading about technology, but the real world doesn’t know that I’m a total nerd at heart. I grew up an overweight, inactive kid without cable TV so my youth revolved around reading books, comics, collecting Pokémon cards and watching the original Star Wars trilogy and Muppet Treasure Island (my sister and my favorite movies growing up).

Eventually I started to play sports and developed the concept of carb control and started chasing girls and partying. Being the captain of a nationally ranked football team in high school and a three-sport varsity athlete, my mind focused on sports, girls and academics, if there was time for the latter.

I began college with the intent on majoring in pre-law (poly-sci/economics/philosophy combo degree at my university) because I was a member of my high school mock trial team and enjoyed public speaking, debates and research. But after having the worst professor I’ve ever dealt with teaching my Intro to the American Judicial System, I was put off Law forever and decided to become a personal trainer and major in what I was best at: English.

As a personal trainer at my university, I became close friends with my coworkers and ended up getting into bodybuilding and attempted to compete multiple times. Everybody I worked with and hung out with assumed I was a kinesiology major and most never knew I was an English major. I know my friends sound terrible because they didn’t know my major, but the topic rarely came up.

It didn’t come up because I didn’t look the part of an English major and I surely didn’t act like one. Between training myself and clients I was in the gym before and after class so I always showed up in shorts and a t-shirt (no, I ‘ve never worn a tank top to class) receiving some looks of bewilderment from other English majors in the class.

I’ve never regretted majoring in English and I didn’t stop reading comics or nerding out on Star Wars because I was ashamed of it; my lifestyle simply changed and my interests adjusted with it. Since I graduated college my passion for writing and interest in technology and comics has preoccupied my free time that used to be reserved for researching and blogging about fitness and nutrition.

So I’m writing to you today to say that I will not apologize for my inner nerd coming out on paper (technically screen) because it’s too awesome to be embarrassed about.

Oh, despite repressing some of my nerdy interests, there is one thing that I never hid:


I know some comic enthusiasts say he’s a lame superhero, but I don’t care; I’m not ashamed to admit my guilty pleasure.

DailyPrompt: No Apologies