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The LG G3 – The device to best the Galaxy Line?

Rumors have been gathering the past couple months regarding the G3 and while LG doesn’t have the clout that Samsung has in regards to selling smartphones, the touted specs of the G3 are noteworthy. Of course these are merely rumors, but if achieved, LG could take mobile technology to the next level of innovation; a level that Samsung and HTC failed to achieve with their latest flagships.

G3 brushed shell from @evleaks

The highly accurate @evleaks providing a glimpse of a back that mimics the brushed aluminum of the HTC One M8

Will we finally see a 2k display?

Scheduled to drop May 27, the G3 will be unveiled merely 8 months after it’s predecessor, to better compete with the Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8). If the rumors hold merit, the G3 will become the first smartphone (with exception to the non-yet released Oppo Find 7) sporting 2k-resolution display. On a 5.5” True HD-IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, this will give the G3 roughly 534 ppi.

What can we expect from internals?

Underneath the display, the device will house Qualcomm’s newest chipset, the Snapdragon 801 with a Quad Core CPU clocked at 2.26 GHz and Adreno 330 GPU. These are along the lines of the S5 and M8, but the G3 is rumored to come with 3 GB of RAM on its 32 GB version, which top the formers’ 2 GB. The camera will be a 13 MP shooter with OIS and rumored to shoot 4k video, similar to the S5 and Note 3.

Is it enough?

Will these specs be enough to compete with the Galaxy S5 though? Having owned the G2 myself, I will say that LG deserves more recognition than they received for it. The power and volume rocker located on the back was a risky move, but proved to be as ergonomic as advertised in my experience and this allowed for a bezel smaller than any I’ve seen before. It’s difficult to comprehend by reading reviews, but having owned the 4.7” HTC One (M7) and 5.2” LG G2, they took up roughly the same hand real estate, despite have a .5” larger display.


Most recent shot from PhoneArena show a more clear image of a polycarbonate back and not aluminum.

The one thing I could not stand on the G2 (and the reason I ended up returning it) was the polycarbonate shell. Despite being a large guy who perspires easily, I’ve never had issue with slippery phones from my experience with iPhones, the HTC One, or the Nexus 5. But without a matte finish or aluminum body, the polycarbonate finish (much like the Galaxy S4) would take any moisture from my hand and act as a lubricant, making the device feel cheap and grimy.

From the renders and new commercial launched, it appears that LG heeded the complaints and took a page out of HTC’s book in resolving the issue. The pictures leaked leads us to believe the G3 will use a similar brushed aluminum uni-body like the M8, but given alleged specks, it seems much more likely it’ll be a brushed polycarbonate finish that mimics aluminum.

What I’m most interested in seeing how the 3200 mAh battery will handle the 2k display. The G2 was a beast when it came to battery life, utilizing a slightly smaller 3000 mAh battery, but it also a smaller 1080p screen. My guess is that the new, more efficient Snapdragon 801 will use less battery life and the difference between the two devices will be a wash, but we will have to wait and see.

The G3 likely won’t beat the S5 in sales, but that has more to do with Samsung’s marketing monster than it does the G3’s possible shortcomings. The only thing the S4 had over the G2 was a removable battery and micro-USB expansion (both of which are available with the G3). Take away Touch-Wiz and LG’s UI, install a custom ROM, and these devices are very similar, with the G2 besting the S4 in internal storage, processor speed, screen size, battery size, and a better chipset.

The reality is that top end specs and superior hardware won’t be able to compete with the marketing department with seemingly unlimited funding (look at sales of the beautiful and acclaimed HTC One M7) that is Samsung. But at the end of the day, that’s okay. LG Electronics division is very profitable on their top of the line TV’s, home appliances, and lighting technology so they can afford to take risks with their mobile technology. It is this push for innovation that will drive the market to compete and improve and, ultimately provide the consumer with the absolute best it can offer.


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