Welcome to BuffGuyGuide: The Musings of a Meathead. My name is Matthew Berger and my goal of this blog is document and review trends and products in technology, fitness and fashion.  With a degree in English and being an ACE certified personal trainer, staying on top of social media and networking is key to ensuring a successful career and advancements in mobile technology are opening doors to opportunity in ways we could only imagine in the past.  Technology works to make our lives easier; staying on up to date on it is not, however. Being a writer and not a programmer, my goal is to wade through sea of information and relay it in a concise and palatable manner.

Despite this blog focusing on technology, I intend to incorporate elements of my two other passions: fitness and fashion. While far from a fashionista, how you present yourself through clothing and grooming is something I firmly believe everybody should hold in high regard. This can be accomplished on a limited budget with some ingenuity and patience (it takes a long time to build a wardrobe).

My expertise amongst these topics is in fitness, yet ironically, it’s what I’m least interested in writing about. Being a certified personal trainer, some of my first writing jobs came from blogging on fitness forums. But after spending most of my college years doing extensive research educating myself on fitness and nutrition (not to mention prepping for bodybuilding shows), I found most of the information spouted by industry leaders to be lies that favored the opinions of the companies that sponsored them. It may be a topic that I delve into once this blog develops more, but at the movement, the break from fitness writing has been quite liberating.

If you find the title of this blog to be ironic are interested in the musings of a meathead, then please join the community and I appreciate the support.



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